BCIM 2009 Students' feedback

Dr Anna Forbes recently qualified as a doctor and currently working as a locum hospital doctor and a hypno-analyst: “The first week of the BCIM course surpassed all my expectations. It consolidated and reminded me why I have worked so hard to get here. The standard of teaching was second to none and the course setting provided a perfect environment to learn in. It was all very inspiring!”

Dr Yong-Sean Chang-Gusko General Manager of the TRIA Integrative Wellness Centre at Piyavate Hospital, Bangkok: “It was just incredible. I was lost, now I am found. Thank you for bringing my focus back to what really matters in medicine.”

Dr Mike Duxbury, currently working as a forensic physician for Northants Police: “Since embarking on the course I have experienced a quantum-shift in my life and work. Every area of my life has been lit up and a transformation has taken place.”

He also said of Dr Kim Jobstís lecture: “Wonderful stuff; very clever and thought stretching. Very confirming of my choice of this course. It gives me great optimism for what this course means and the directions it will take me.”

Dr Sarah Crocombe Peadiatric Registrar: “An excellent course in many, many ways: Content, timing of lectures, brilliant lecturers, depth of mind, body, spirit content, smoothness of course, virtual learning environment, tutorials all terrific. Thank you all again!”

Sarah Folland Director of Nursing/Patient services at Hospiscare in Exeter. “Dr Alan Watkins lecture clearly presented the necessity of integrating systems; it was a great introduction. A really enthusiastic and motivating session that made the subject easy to relate the theoretical side to real life practice.”

She also said of Dr Kim Jobstís lecture: “Hugely stimulating! Kim demonstrated real passion for the subject and the pioneering work and challenges that he has undertaken to promote the value of the holistic approach. Real life case studies were presented,
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